Tips for Great Retirement Parties

Have you offered, or been delegated, the honor of organizing a retirement party for a co-worker? The prospect of retiring is exciting for some and filled with trepidation for others.  Be thoughtful in your planning and aware of the circumstances surrounding the retirement of your coworker. Follow these recommendations from the professional party planner to ensure this party is well received by the retiree.

If the retiree has been at the company for many years, connect with some of the other individuals who also have longer tenures to help in the planning process. Inviting other who have since retired that worked with the retiree would be a welcome surprise. Plan to invite members of the retiree’s immediate family. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and selecting a special commemorative gift, personally engraved for the occasion from the huge variety offered by Personalization Mall.


Once the date, venue and invitee list has been established, either have invitations printed or send out eVites at least four weeks prior to the event. Include venue address and response contact information on the invitation.  Research reputable caterers to engage for the event. Some venues require that you select from a list of approved caterers. Meet with the representative from the catering company and select from the menu options. Confirm drinks and paper products or service ware is included.

Depending on the character of the retiree, a roast or commemorative speeches should be planned. Certainly the retiree’s manager and president of the company should be included in the speech process. Prepare a biography of the accomplishments of the retiree to be shared at the event. Any company photos or mementoes would be welcome additions. Set up a Table of Honor for the retiree, his or her immediate family, their manager and the company president.

Have a large card with ample pens on a designated table for the attendees to write remembrances and sign. This will certainly be treasured by the retiree. At the conclusion of the event, be sure to recognize those who assisted in the planning. Finally, ensure the retiree that the company door is always open for a return visit.